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All Weather Protection


Cool Reflective Coatings

High SRI value of a cool coating ensure maximum reflection of solar heat away from the surface, emit the absorbed faraction of heat in a quickly, minimal solar heat gain helps in keep the surface always cool, reducing roof temperature. With high thermal emittance LuminX coating helps roofs to absorb less heat and stay between 20 to 40 Deg C cooler than conventional materials during peak summer weather.

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Cool roof coatings affects us all in many ways, helps in reduce urban heat island, save more energy, improve thermal comfort and increase working effeciency, save lives.


Protecting building with a Cool roof - High Albedo coatings helps in meet the Green Buildings key requirements.

Smart Cities

Select a cool IR reflective coatings for facade and High SRI coating for roofs for a project to help an architect on projects.  


Offering the essential sustainable cooling technology, High SRI coatings to reduce the energy demand, lower cooling requirements.  

Green Buildings

Keeping the industrial buildings cool - Green Certified industrial buildings


Lowering the indoor temperature, cool coatings is an ideal solution for institutional buildings for efficient cool protective reflective roofs.


Cool roof High SRI reflective coating for Warehouse-logistics industry, effecient cooling technology for cool warehouses.


Opt for a cool coatings for cool roofs and cool walls for increasing indoor thermal comfort for residential buildings.


Environment sustainability at core - protective cool coatings- reduce CO2 emission, Save energy with sustainable Cool Coatings


“So far we have found LuminX as best product in High SRI Cool roof coatings, It helped us save electricity by 14% for our factory.”

Jason Strauss
CEO of ML Associates

Ready to find out more?

We have covered 10 million sqm, saved 40000 Tons of Co2 emisson, helped businesses saving more than 80 million dollars in terms of energy and human resources. We can help you with the right product your are looking, connect with our technical expert to know more. 

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